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4 Valuable Lessons On The Customer Journey

Everything you experience in life is not always planned and sometimes you take unexpected turns and encounter unexpected obstacles. You can’t always predict how you’ll react or what you’ll need in every situation. Just like life, customer experiences can be unpredictable and you’ll never know what you’ll learn. In his recent article, Jeremy Watkin gives four lessons on how to approach and assist the customer journey. 

1) Customer Experience Must Be Experienced Firsthand: As stated above, it’s impossible to predict everything that’s going to happen to you in life and you can’t prepare to handle everything perfectly. With this in mind, the most important thing your company can do to gain customer insight is by watching your customer service unfold and learn from the customers themselves on their experiences.

2) Keep Your Eyes Open For Obstacles: Companies don’t want things to go wrong with their customer experience, but inevitably, something will break. When this happens, you have to do more than simply fix the problem; you have to learn from it and improve your overall customer experience going forward. Always be on the lookout for problems in the system and ways you can make it better.

3) Learn About Customer Needs and Wants: Feedback is important at every level of the customer journey, even if it may not seem like it right away. People learn more about themselves and what they want or need from your company all the time, so if you listen to them at every step, you’ll be able to better serve them and anticipate future needs.

4) Don’t Forget About The Emotions: Plans and goals aren’t the only important aspects of the customer’s journey. You also have to take into account how an emotion can affect a customer’s perspective. If a customer receives the product they were looking for but it comes with a negative experience, they are more likely to view your company as negative. However, if you’re able to provide your customers with a positive emotional reaction throughout every step of the customer journey, they’ll be more likely to hold think more highly of your company and you’ll be in a better position to earn their loyalty.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the entire article, please click the link below:

Customer Experience Through the Eyes of a Child – Jeremy Watkin

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