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4 Key CRM Focus Areas To Deliver Fast, Personalized Customer Experiences

Customers in this era desire fast, sometimes immediate, service that is personalized to their needs and experiences. In addition, they want to be able to reach your company through multiple channels including text, live chat, email, phone, social media, and more. Though automation has helped serve the growing needs of customers, the reality is that sometimes it can be a challenge for sales and customer service representatives to maintain this personalized level of service with their limited time and resources. In her recent article, Kate Kirby says that having success is about prioritizing the right aspects of the customer experience. Kirby offers the following four key areas to focus on in your CRM to deliver a fast and personalized customer experience.

1) Improve Speed of Engagement

To improve how quickly your sales agents reach out to customers, it’s helpful to automate straight forward and simple processes like cost proposals and contact forms. This cuts hours off of processes and enables quicker contact from agent to customer by streamlining mundane tasks that take humans longer to complete.

2) Fortify Data Security and Compliance

We’re currently in a time when companies and customers are concerned about data security and the potential for data breaches. Security failure should be defended at all costs to ensure the financial stability of your company and the personal security of your customers. Kirby says that companies should utilize CRMs that build security regulations into the process to ensure updates happen in real time to maintain secure data and regulatory integrity.

3) Create Seamless Personalization

It’s important that companies utilize CRMs that align with their own brand identity. If you have a fluid company experience internally as well as externally, it will ultimately convey the desired brand experience. Consistency is key for your employees and your customers.

4) Institute Annual Auto Renewals

While sales teams often create annual subscription renewals on their own within their company’s CRM, automating this process can save sales reps hours of time that could be spent helping their clients and customers. This allows sales agents to be more focused on helping the customers on important issues instead of focusing on mundane processes. Ultimately, this will create happier employees and an overall happier customer experience.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

4 CRM Hacks to Improve the Customer Journey, Strengthen Relationships – Kate Kirby

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