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3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Use Technology for Better Patient Experiences

In industries such as retail, customer service has become a matter of instant gratification and providing customers with consistent and fast service through any and every communication channel. Everything is customized for each customer based on data and easily accessible at any time of the day or night. However, the organizations in the healthcare industry can sometimes be slow to adapt these customer service standards to their patient experiences. In his recent article, Rick Delgado presents three ways healthcare organizations are utilizing technology to deliver a customized patient experience.

1) Data Analytics for Personalized Healthcare: Technology can utilize your data analytics to help make it possible for doctors to maintain friendships with their patients. The analytics can help doctors identify diagnosis in patients by assisting them in seeing patterns based off of stored information and notes from previous visits. Data analytics can help doctors so that they can rely on more than just their personal experiences; it can help them compare and contrast to many others as well. 

2) Tele-Health Creates Immediate Doctor/Patient Communication: Telecommunications can help fill the void that house calls used to occupy. Patients can use instant communication technology like web chat and texting for a doctor consultation without having to physically go to a doctor or have them come to you. Doctors can now coordinate a digital communication channel with their patients to allow for faster feedback.

3) Internet For Better Connection Between Doctors and Patient Health: Wearable medical devices like internet-connected jackets and heart monitors can instantly send data to doctors. This allows doctors to monitor patients’ health frequently while allowing patients to skip unnecessary weekly visits and reduce expenses. Not only does this save patients’ money, it also allows for more accurate and efficient health data for doctors to analyze. 

The healthcare industry has had some issues in recent years with becoming less personal with patients while other industries are becoming more personal with customers. However, healthcare organizations have been improving this by taking technology utilized in industries like retail to better their overall patient experience. Delgado’s examples in his article demonstrate how healthcare organizations can provide a great patient experience. 

This blog post was based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

How the Healthcare Industry is Delivering on Personalized Customer Care – Rick Delgado

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