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3 Ways Contact Centers Provide Data to Improve Customer Service

3 Ways Contact Centers Provide Data to Improve Customer ServiceA recent article by Howard Lax makes a “radical” statement…customer experience isn’t everything when it comes to business success. There have been many companies that had great customer experience, but they still went out of business while those “inferior” with CX kept going. Sometimes there are external factors that a business can’t control causing issues with revenue, and sometimes it’s as simple as competitors offering extremely low prices. That being said, customer experience is still one of the most important components to a company’s success. This is because a high percentage of revenue is often generated by repeat, or loyal, customers. Businesses need to retain customers and have them keep coming back for more if they want to be financially profitable, so it’s crucial to focus on how to exceed expectations and build a memorable experience.

Need data about your customers to determine where you can make improvements? There’s no better starting point than tapping into your contact center as a resource. Contact centers interact with your customers thousands, or even millions, of times on a daily basis, so they have highly valuable input into what makes your customers tick. The following are three of the ways contact centers can assist companies in compiling data to help improve the customer experience:

  1. Voice/Call Recording: This technology can capture the emotion behind customer calls and allow companies to dig deeper into how satisfied customers are with their experiences and their products and services.
  2. Social Media and Live Chat Monitoring: Outsourcers that handle companies’ social media accounts can monitor buzz around their brand and also see their customers’ praise and criticisms in a more natural or casual tone.
  3. Surveys: Whether you use inbound or outbound services, contact centers can provide surveys to collect customer feedback. With outbound, telemarketing agents can reach out to customers and request survey feedback in exchange for rewards like discounts or gift cards. With inbound, agents can add survey questions into their interactions with customers fluidly in an already existing conversation.

These are only three of the many ways contact centers can provide valuable information to companies. Agents engage with a multitude of customers every hour and have a great understanding of what they truly feel about your brand. It’s critical to seek the insight of your customer service agents when you’re trying to improve the customer journey and let them know that their input has a valuable impact on your company.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the article, please click here!

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