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3 Ways Companies Can Build Genuine Connections With Their Customers

In her recent article, Krista Sheridan discusses an important point of customer experience: While technology and analytics are growing in strength, it’s important to always keep the focus on maintaining a human touch with customer service. It’s not only about having great numbers, it’s about connecting with customers to build a strong and sustainable relationship. Sheridan provides three ways companies can build a human connection with their customers.

1) Creating and using detailed personas to represent your target markets. Creating a persona with a name and detailed background helps put a human face on your data. This enables companies to visualize their customers when discussing strategy to ensure their decisions are based on helping the customer first and foremost. Based on her experiences, Sheridan says that utilizing personas can help increase close-rates and improve customer satisfaction by helping them feel like the company understands their needs.

2) Looking for customer insight when building your customer experience improvement plans? Sheridan recommends inviting some of your customers to come give their input in a working session. This brings a whole new level to customer feedback and enables customers to feel like they’re a significant factor in the company’s decisions. In addition, Sheridan says that it also results in more efficient plans than the ones that were created without customer assistance.

3) Price and product/service quality are major factors people make when determining which brands to support, but they also like to know that companies hold similar values as them. Giving your time to causes you and your customers value can be a great way to connect with people and build stronger relationships. This can be accomplished by attending or hosting volunteer events or simply by holding customer appreciation events where you invite your customers to meet with your team and have fun.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

3 Ways to Humanize Your CX Strategy – Krista Sheridan

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