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3 Email Marketing Trends of the Present and Future

Traditional call center operations are still necessary, but email is a major factor in modern customer service and marketing. Omnichannel is becoming more popular every year because customers are demanding consistent customer service from your company no matter which department they contact, so it’s important to ensure your email is treated as a crucial component to the customer experience and to know the trends in email marketing. A recent article by Will Devlin discusses three trends that will define the future of email marketing.

1) Mobile

People do everything on their phones and Devlin says that over 70% of Gmail users access their email on mobile platforms over traditional platforms. Companies need to make sure they have the technology to create email marketing aimed specifically at mobile platforms. This will help companies track their successes and failures more accurately than only utilizing traditional email marketing.

2) Real-Time

Consumers now expect instant gratification from the companies they patronize. For marketing teams, email campaigns need to be treated the same as the company website. This means instant access to data from the website such as orders, inventory, and prices within the system (outsourced SaaS or internal). The closer to real-time automated emails can be to reaching the customer the better, and Devlin’s article recommends keeping data on company premises while outsourcing tasks such as rendering, delivery, and tracking to cloud systems. 

3) Personalization

Beyond automated emails, customers demand personalized multichannel communications as well. This means the messaging needs to be smooth and clear to the reader without being disjointed. This is accomplished by having real-time data such as customer demographics and purchase history. However, if your departments are silo’d, this process can be very challenging. Data needs to be easily accessible for all departments within the system to allow for fluid consistency.

This blog post was based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

3 Trends Driving the Future of Email Marketing – Will Devlin

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