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2022 Outsourcing Statistics from UpCity

2022 Outsourcing Statistics from UpCityUpCity, a directory website aimed at facilitating B2B relationships, recently surveyed small businesses in the US and Canada to better understand trends and strategies surrounding outsourcing.

The results show a clear trend toward SMBs relying on BPOs to handle many of their services – with positive results.


  • 82% of small businesses have increased outsourcing following the pandemic.
  • 83% plan on growing their outsourcing efforts in 2022.
  • 93% report having positive experiences with their outsourced providers.

Outsource Consultants Founder & President Corey Kotlarz was asked about the survey’s findings that 20% of businesses used referrals to find BPO partners and provided the following quote: “I’m surprised that referrals didn’t account for a higher percentage. Given the size and complexity of the outsource call center market, I would have expected business owners to rely more heavily on trusted colleagues to help sift through the options.”

You can read the full results of this survey here: Small Business Outsourcing Statistics: A Deep Dive Into 2022