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Checking In on the Jamaican Call Center Industry

Checking In on the Jamaican Call Center IndustryWhen tourists look for idyllic beaches, they turn to Jamaica. Basking in the sun at a resort isn’t the only thing the country has to offer though. The country’s thriving hospitality industry has created a culture of customer service and well-rounded Jamaican contact center agents. Foreign investors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and a thriving BPO industry, bolstered by support from the country’s government.

In fact, Jamaican officials believe that the outsourcing industry could be the key to improving the country’s economy and citizens’ quality of life. To draw these companies with well-paying positions, Jamaica has focused on making strategic investments into the BPO industry, including creating more office space for call centers in Jamaica and providing training opportunities for the next generation of agents.

A Better BPO Foundation

Starting in the 1990s, Jamaica has been investing in its business infrastructure, such as telecommunications services and federally owned power plants. Over the years, business parks have also been added to the mix in cities such as Montego Bay, Kingston and Portmore, drawing many BPO leaders to move into these urban areas.

Due to the foreign investment and job opportunities the industry brings to the country, political and public support has called for even more room for BPO providers. New business parks are springing up around the country to give contact centers the much-needed office space to continue their growth.

Skilled and Supported Agents

Alongside infrastructure, Jamaica is expanding its BPO workforce through new training opportunities such as internships and classes. Recently, Jamaica’s Global Services Sector launched a website to provide skill development and apprenticeship programs for those looking to work in the Jamaican contact center industry.

These programs aim not only to help adults enter the industry but also to give young Jamaicans an opportunity to learn needed skills to move into contact center roles after graduation. One focus is on helping participants become fluent in the official language of Jamaica, English. Although Jamaican Patios is a more widely spoken language in the country, students learn English not only to work in Jamaican call centers but to participate in business, government, and media.

Although not all Jamaican call center staff take advantage of the GSS-offered programs, they have a natural knack for customer service. Many come from a background working in the thriving tourism industry, catering to the customs and languages of travelers from around the world. Due to this experience, Jamaican contact center agents have a laid-back and empathetic attitude, making them adept at putting callers at ease.

Continuous Growth in the Industry

Unlike many countries that experienced slowdowns in the BPO industry in the last 3 years, Jamaica has continued to grow. In fact, the country added 6,000 new BPO positions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout recent years of uncertainty and current economic situations faced around the globe, the country has seen the outsourcing industry as a beacon of hope. Government officials and experts see the sector as a means for economic growth, unparalleled by others. This makes the relationship between BPOs and Jamaica mutually beneficial.

Join a Stable, Growing Jamaica BPO Industry

Jamaica continues to invest in its stable BPO industry, supported by government officials and the public. The country has invested significantly into the sector within the last 3 years, showing its dedication to making the country a great option for foreign investors.
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