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Political Call Centers

Ignite the success of your political candidate with increased voter support with our strategic political call centers.

Telecom unionsThere are few more efficient ways to reach out to donors and supporters than via personal phone calls. Campaign-savvy agents at political call centers can handle your outbound telephone fundraising (Tele-fundraising) for donor cultivation, lapsed donor reactivation, and donor acquisition. If only choosing the right partner from available call centers wasn’t so time-consuming and costly.

Fortunately, there’s Outsource Consultants! Let us conduct your search for the perfect political call center— at absolutely no cost to you. Whether you require a Democratic call center, a Republican call center, or nonpartisan, issue-based phone support, we can help. Drawing on our comprehensive resources, we’ll make sure that your partner of choice offers the voter call center expertise to meet your objectives.

Take advantage of our outsource call center consulting. We bring our industry expertise to everything from instituting best practices and refining strategies to reducing your operational costs and improving your brand presentation. By evaluating procedures and resources at your voter call center, we can help you achieve your political objectives.

Get a recommendation of todays most respected election call centers.

Let our outsource call center consulting help you make an informed choice. Outsource Consultants has an extensive network of political call centers throughout the U.S. We have assessed and documented the strengths, specializations, and pricing of each of these providers. In less than a day, we can present you with recommendations and quotes from the most respected political call centers for your review.

Here is what we provide:

  • Industry insight and recommendations on pricing and terms
  • Screening of potential call center partners
  • A proposal from political call centers that fit your project — large or small

Our call centers offer a variety of capabilities that could fit your outbound fundraising and donor-acquisition needs. These include:

  • Voter ID
  • Get out the vote
  • Outbound Telephone Fundraising (Tele-fundraising)
  • Donor cultivation, lapsed donor reactivation, and donor acquisition
  • One-time gift asks
  • Recurring/sustaining gift programs
  • Major donor or mid-level upgrade/cultivation
  • Membership recruitment or renewal
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Providing extra capacity during peak calling days prior to election days
  • Providing interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities

Turn calls into more funds raised and more supporters.

Call Outsource Consultants to make sure your campaign is teamed up with the best performing political call centers.

Get a Political Call Center Cost Proposal!

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