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Your CX Holiday Shopping List

Your CX Holiday Shopping ListAs we head into the heart of the holiday season, we’re undoubtedly focused on finding the perfect gifts for family, friends, and the names we drew for Secret Santa. Whether it’s a gift card (which, let’s be honest, is always the right size) or a Red Ryder BB gun, there’s no better feeling than knowing the hours you spent moonlighting as an elf produced a smile and a heartfelt thank you.

But what about the other important people in our lives? Our professional relationships matter too, and shouldn’t be left out of our holiday generosity.

No matter what our colleagues in the BPO industry may have added to their own lists, here are some ideas that are guaranteed to impress.

What Your BPO Partners Want: True Collaboration

There’s nothing outsource call center vendors want more than a seamless working relationship. It makes it easier to hit key goals and retain mutually-beneficial relations. And it is one of the most potent ways to improve CX for your brand.

But what does a true collaborative relationship look like with a BPO partner?

  • Energized and engaged executive leadership on both sides
  • Shared team culture and philosophy
  • Proven efficiency
  • True accountability

By working together to solve issues and improve service, collaboration can unlock a greater shared value. You’re the expert on your brand, and your BPO is an expert in CX. If you work together and listen to each other, you’re an unstoppable team.

So once you’ve embraced partner collaboration with great success, what happens then? Well, in outsourcing they say, your BPO leaders’ small hearts will grow three sizes that day! And then the true meaning of collaboration came true, as your team finds the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!

What Your Contact Center Agents Want: Empowerment

Agents are only as good as the training and resources at their fingertips. And while it’s common to fall in love with shiny new objects, such as cutting-edge tech tools, few things produce better ROI across CX than hands-on training that’s fun.

That’s why it’s better to invest in proven tools and training to elevate agent performance. Here are a couple of themes to focus on when building your agent wish list:

Ongoing Agent Training

Continue to update and add to your training programs as situations change, or as new products and services are offered. If you’re focused on modernizing your training approach, consider collaborating with a third party that can offer training experience across different industries.

Just like a fresh set of eyes can unlock creative solutions, a fresh approach to training can elevate plateaued agent performance.

Agent Recognition & Incentives

Help improve team morale with gamification technology, as well as reward incentives for top performers, that can accelerate performance and make day-to-day work more enjoyable for agents.

What Your Customers Want: Less Friction

Customers are pretty explicit with their needs — you just have to listen to them.

Technology that creates better customer experiences and reduces common friction is essential. Don’t get caught in an endless runaround that will only irritate your customers. Here are some great wish list ideas with customers in mind:

  • Call Back Technology:  solutions that keep customers in a response queue, awaiting a call back from you, without endlessly sitting on hold.
  • Better Self-Service Options: solutions that help customers solve issues on their own, through their preferred channels.
  • True Omnichannel:  solutions that help agents immediately understand a customer’s entire support history and next best actions— all in one place.

What YOU Want: Better Partners

The greatest holiday joy may be what you give, not what you get—but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something nice for the holiday. So make sure to treat yourself to something that makes your life easier while driving better CX for your target audience.

In fact, we have the perfect holiday gift that we know you’ll love: an expert outsource call center partner.

The right partner, boasting the right experience, specializations, people, and priced accordingly, is truly the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

If finding the right partner is on your holiday wishlist, Outsource Consultants can connect you with the perfect contact center vendor to fill your CX journey with good cheer.

‘Tis the season.