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Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing Destination

Let’s start from the start.

The History of Outsourcing in the Philippines

It’s easy to take for granted the supremacy of the Philippines as a call center outsourcing leader. But the ascension of the region as a global outsourcing destination is a journey marked by foresight and resilience. Map View of The Philippines

The rise of the BPO sector began in the 2000s, driven by a skilled workforce and English proficiency, expanding rapidly to support business processes worldwide. However, the foundation was laid in the 1990s with the emergence of software ventures, which paved the way for a more extensive exploration into outsourcing. Government initiatives such as ITTEC and the Philippine Cyberservices Corridor further revolutionized the BPO industry, positioning the Philippines as a prominent global outsourcing hub.

Challenges emerged, especially in scaling high-value Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, but the industry’s resilience shone through. From Frank Holz’s pioneering efforts in 1992, bolstered by strategic government support, the growth trajectory has been impressive. This evolution has elevated the Philippines from being recognized as a leader in KPO to being commonly hailed as the nominal business process outsourcing (BPO) capital of the world.

We’ll detail the trends and numbers behind the region’s continued influence in outsourcing, but this tale is more than numbers; it’s about strategic leverage, cultural affinity, and governmental support molding a global outsourcing leader. 

Peeling back the layers, it’s clear: the Philippines’ journey is a masterclass in strategic positioning and innovation in the global economic scene.

Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing Destination

FAQs about Historic Philippines Outsourcing

What’s an example of outsourcing in the Philippines?

24/7 call centers and business process outsourcing. The Philippines offers top-notch customer service and big savings for companies.

Is outsourcing legal in the Philippines?

Absolutely. It’s a well-supported and regulated industry, crucial for the economy.

Is outsourcing good or bad for the Philippine economy?

It’s a big win. Outsourcing has been a growth engine, creating jobs and boosting the economy significantly.

Why is the Philippines such a great place to outsource?

Many reasons, but most point to a mix of highly educated agents, proficient English speakers, and competitive costs, which make it an ideal destination. Plus, there’s strong government backing.

Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing Destination

The Pros + Cons of Call Center Outsourcing in the Philippines

We hesitate to describe certain features of the Philippines a ‘con’ – but rather prefer the phrase ‘considerations,’ as the region offers a multitude of advantages that should encourage leaders to see if outsourcing call center services in the Philippines is the best fit. No call center destination is a panacea.

Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines:

  • Cost Efficiency: Enjoy substantial savings with the Philippines’ lower labor costs compared to the U.S., reducing overall operational expenses.
  • Round-the-Clock Operations: Utilize the geographic advantage of time zone differences for continuous customer service, enabling 24/7 support.
  • Talented Workforce: Access a pool of highly skilled, English-proficient agents from varied backgrounds, ensuring quality communication and service.
  • Cultural Compatibility: Benefit from the Philippines’ strong cultural affinity with Western countries, facilitating easier and more effective partnerships.
  • Strong Work Ethic: Depend on Filipino agents known for their resilience, positive attitude, and dedication, contributing to a motivated and reliable team.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Leverage the BPO sector’s capability to quickly adapt and scale operations to meet business needs, supported by a versatile workforce.
  • Government Support: Count on the Philippines’ commitment to the BPO industry, demonstrated through economic policies and incentives that bolster growth and stability.

Considerations for Outsourcing in the Philippines

  • Remote Management: Overcome challenges in leading distributed teams by employing effective remote management practices to maintain high performance standards.
  • Time Zone Logistics: Strategize to mitigate communication delays and coordinate seamlessly across different time zones, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Local Compliance: Navigate the complexities of the Philippine labor laws and regulations to ensure compliance, avoiding potential legal pitfalls.
  • Travel Logistics: Plan for the logistical aspects and occasional disruptions of international travel when visiting operations or establishing partnerships.
  • Tech & Infrastructure: Stay competitive by continually investing in technology upgrades and infrastructure improvements to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Data Security: Implement stringent security measures to protect sensitive information and comply with international data privacy standards.
  • Disruption Plans: Develop robust contingency strategies to minimize the impact of natural disasters or geopolitical issues on business continuity.
  • Operational Control: Balance the benefits of outsourcing with the need for effective oversight to ensure alignment with business goals and quality standards.

As with any venture, not all call center partners are created equal – and the advantage of BPO services in the Philippines is the result of finding savvy partners that are tailored to your unique needs. 

One of the best ways to do this is to collaborate with objective, third-party advisors, who can highlight pricing trends and regional best practices from the first step of your selection process.

Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing DestinationFAQs about the pros and cons of Philippines Outsourcing


Why outsource to the Philippines?

With savings of up to 70%, a mature market, and a workforce that gets Western culture. It’s all about quality service at a fraction of the cost.

How many call center agents are in the Philippines?

In 2024, the Philippines had over a million people working in the BPO sector, with a significant portion employed as call center agents.

How much do call center agents make in the Philippines?

Call center agents earn a competitive salary that varies depending on experience and skills. While the exact figure can vary (we have a guide that is updated with the latest pricing figures), it’s generally seen as an attractive and stable career path.

Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing Destination

Top Reasons Companies Select Call Centers in the Philippines

With the whole world at your disposal, how has the Philippines, with its unique blend of skilled workforce and cultural compatibility, remained a top choice for companies worldwide? Let’s dive into the core reasons that make this country an attractive hub for outsourcing call center services.

Why Choose the Philippines for Call Center Outsourcing? 1. Linguistic Mastery & Cultural Fit: The Philippines boasts high English proficiency and a deep cultural affinity with the West. This ensures smooth communication and understanding, facilitating better customer service experiences. 2. Skilled Workforce: Home to a vast pool of educated and skilled professionals, the Philippines offers a workforce ready to tackle complex customer service and technical support tasks with expertise and efficiency. 3. Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing to the Philippines can significantly reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality. The favorable economic conditions allow for competitive pricing models and substantial savings. 4. Government Support & Infrastructure: The Philippine government actively supports the BPO industry with policies and infrastructure that enhance business operations, ensuring a stable and conducive environment for outsourcing. 5. Ethical Standards & Privacy: Adherence to international data privacy and security standards is paramount in the Philippines. The country's commitment to ethical practices ensures the protection of sensitive information. 6. 24/7 Operations: The geographical location and flexible workforce of the Philippines enable round-the-clock operations. This ensures that businesses can offer continuous support to their global customers.

Simply put, the Philippines stands out for its excellent English skills, affordable services, and 24/7 operations. Plus, its well-known commitment to ethical practices and government-supported facilities makes it a top choice for businesses, even those new to outsourcing.

Difference Between the Philippines and Other Regions in the Asia-Pacific

The Philippines distinguishes itself in the Asia-Pacific outsourcing market primarily through its exceptional English proficiency and deep cultural affinity with the West. This is attributed to the widespread consumption of Western media and the significant number of Filipinos with family or work experience in the U.S., fostering a strong understanding of Western culture. 

The Future of Call Center Outsourcing and Challenges in the Philippines

The Filipino call center industry, a global leader in the BPO space, is navigating through evolving challenges with strategic innovation and resilience. Despite the hurdles, the Philippines is doubling down on its strengths and embarking on a transformative journey to solidify its position atop the outsourcing world. 

Here’s a closer look at how the industry is turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth:

  • Infrastructure and Rising Costs: The demand surge in the BPO sector is testing the limits of the Philippines’ infrastructure, with rising costs for essential services and increased strain on public utilities and roads. The response? A concerted push towards infrastructure modernization and sustainable practices, ensuring the industry’s demands are met efficiently and responsibly.
  • Labor Costs on the Rise:
    • The upward trend in labor costs is prompting a shift towards enhancing the value of the Filipino workforce. This includes:
      • Upskilling and specialized training programs.
      • Focusing on high-quality outputs and specialized services to remain globally competitive.
  • Global Competition Intensifies: As other countries up their game, Filipino BPO providers are not sitting idle. They’re:
    • Innovating with comprehensive package deals.
    • Improving SOPs to refine their value proposition, leveraging their high English proficiency and cultural affinity.
  • Political and Regulatory Navigations: The changing political climate, particularly in the U.S., and evolving regulatory standards are encouraging Filipino BPOs to:
    • Diversify their client base.
    • Adapt to international outsourcing policies, securing long-term partnerships.
  • Addressing High Attrition Rates: High agent turnover is a common issue worldwide, yet in many places, including the Philippines, call center jobs are highly valued and considered stable careers. To combat the industry’s typically high attrition rates, efforts are being focused on:
    • Creating better workplace conditions and offering flexible work-from-home options.
    • Providing opportunities for career advancement, aiming to forge rewarding and lasting career paths for the younger segment of the workforce.

One distinct advantage the Philippines has across all of these challenges is they’re using them as catalysts for growth and leaning into their earned reputation as a call center leader. Many emerging markets are simultaneously working through issues like labor costs and attrition, but doing so without the reputational advantage of Filipino BPO providers. 

By modernizing infrastructure, enhancing labor value, embracing competitive innovation, diversifying client relationships, and improving employee retention, the Philippines is poised to maintain its leadership in the global outsourcing arena. This strategic adaptation not only responds to the industry’s immediate needs but sets a forward-looking path for sustained success.

Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

The country’s BPO industry boasts an impressive number of agents and call centers, underscoring its pivotal role in the global outsourcing landscape.

Outsource Consultants, unlike many other vendors, is an objective advisor to finding the perfect call center – so the question should never be, “Who are the top call center companies in the Philippines”, it should be “Who is the top call center partner for my business and my objectives.” 

Where Should I Outsource in the Philippines?

Leading Call Center Outsourcing Cities in the Philippines

  1. Manila: The capital city is the heart of the country’s BPO industry, with numerous top-tier call centers. Manila offers a vast pool of talent and state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it an attractive location for outsourcing.
  2. Cebu: Known as the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu is another major outsourcing destination. It offers a blend of a skilled labor force and a lower cost of living compared to Manila, providing companies with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  3. Davao: As the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area, Davao is emerging as a key player in the BPO industry. Its government’s commitment to business growth and infrastructure development makes it a promising location for outsourcing operations.
  4. Clark and Angeles: These neighboring areas in Pampanga are gaining prominence as outsourcing destinations due to their modern infrastructure, strategic location near Manila, and growing talent pool.
  5. Iloilo: This city in the Visayas region is quickly becoming a favored location for BPO companies because of its educated workforce and high quality of life.

Why the Philippines (Still) Remains a Top Outsourcing Destination

Each of these cities offers unique advantages, from cost savings and talent availability to infrastructure and government support. Companies looking to outsource in the Philippines should consider these factors to choose the location that best aligns with their operational needs and strategic goals.

Steps to Selecting a Call Center in the Philippines

Finding the right call center partner in the Philippines can seem like a big task. You’re probably dealing with challenges like not knowing all your options, not having enough time to dig deep into those you do know, and mostly getting your info from sales pitches. Here’s where we step in.

The 7 Step Call Center Selection Process with Outsource Consultants

At Outsource Consultants, we make the whole process easy and, best of all, it’s free! Let’s break it down into more bite-sized pieces:

  1. Figuring Out What You Need: We kick things off by getting to know your business inside and out. What’s working, what’s not, and what are you looking for in a call center? We cover everything from your current outsourcing headaches to what tech and compliance boxes you need to tick, all the way to your budget concerns.
  2. Nailing Down the Must-Haves: Next, we map out exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. How much can you spend? How many agents do you need? What kind of services are you after? We consider everything from language requirements to security certifications to make sure we’re on the right track.
  3. The Big Search: This is where our treasure trove of over 500 BPOs comes into play. We’ve got a list that’s packed with providers you might not have found on your own. Our matching magic then does its thing, pulling out a shortlist of the best fits for you.
  4. Comparing Your Options: Once we’ve got your shortlist, we lay everything out side by side. This makes it super easy for you to see what each option brings to the table and how they stack up against your needs.

How Outsource Consultants Compares BPO Options Side-By-Side

5. Checking Them Out in Person: We know how time-consuming this part can be, so we help set up calls and visits for you. It’s all about making sure the vibe is right, and you’re as confident as can be in your final choice.

6. Making the Decision: With all the info in hand, it’s over to you. We’ve got your back with advice, but the final call is yours. We make sure you’re fully informed so you can pick the partner that’s just right for your business.

7. Keeping Things on Track: Our job doesn’t end when you pick a partner. We stick around, keeping an eye on things to make sure your call center is hitting the mark. Through regular check-ins and feedback sessions, we ensure your operation runs smoothly and keeps improving.

With this approach, you’re not just finding any call center in the Philippines; you’re teaming up with one that truly gets your business and is geared up to grow with you. And remember, we’re doing all this legwork for you at no cost. So, let’s find your perfect call center match together!

Common Call Center Services to Outsource to the Philippines

The Philippines offers a wide array of call center services through BPO partners proficient in English and bilingual communications, such as:

  • 🔊 Managed Operations & Seat Leasing
  • 📞 Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services
  • 💬 Omnichannel Support: Including voice, live chat, SMS, and email
  • 🏢 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Key Call Center Services Offered:

  • 👥 Customer Service
  • 💻 Technical Support & Helpdesk
  • 📅 Reservations & Bookings
  • 🛒 Sales Order Processing
  • 🎯 Lead Qualification & Generation
  • 🔄 Customer Retention
  • 📆 Appointment Scheduling & Setting
  • 📣 Telemarketing & Telesales
  • 💳 Collections
  • 🔍 Content Moderation
  • 📊 Market Research & Surveys

Digital Communication Channels:

  • 🌍 Social Media
  • 💬 Live Chat
  • 📱 SMS & Text
  • 📧 Email


Is Call Center Outsourcing to the Philippines Right for You?

Navigating through thousands of call center options can be overwhelming, especially when you’re aiming for the perfect match at an unbeatable price. That’s where we come in. 

At Outsource Consultants, we’re here to take the uncertainty out of your search, streamline the selection process, and ensure cost savings. Benefit from our over 25 years of industry experience in the Philippines call center scene. 

Allow our experts and their time-tested methods to find your ideal partner.