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What Do Your Halloween Preferences Say About Your Outsourcing Ghouls?

What Do Your Halloween Preferences Say About Your Outsourcing GhoulsBeware. All Hallow’s Eve is upon us once again. What started as a somber religious holiday has largely morphed into a secular blowout that provides an annual bump in consumer spending to kick off the year-end holiday blitz.

Halloween is a holiday that defies age limits. While trekking through the neighborhood for goodies tends to be reserved for the younger generation, it’s just one piece of candy in the Halloween pillowcase. Costumes, decorations, parties, haunted houses, and scary movies represent lifelong traditions. Over time, we’ve honed our holiday celebrations and developed our personal Halloween brands.

The choices we make in our personal lives tend to be a reflection of those we make in our professional ones. So what do your Halloween preferences say about your CX and outsourcing strategies? Last year, we showed you how your trick-or-treat strategies aligned with your outsourcing goals. This year, we thought we would create a highly-scientific quiz of Halloween favorites to provide insight into your BPO wants and needs.

Let’s get started.

Select Your Preferred Halloween Candy

(*This highlights your desired approach to selecting outsourcing partners)

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — You think reputation matters and consensus equals authority. The biggest BPO option isn’t always best, but you’re happy to take your chances on something wildly popular and proven.

Kit Kat — Upon first glance, your choice may seem typical. But it’s important for you to be able to break things down, because you’re looking for customer service outsourcing where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Candy Corn — You have unique tastes that help you serve the specific preferences of your niche customers. You know you’re not for everyone. And, quite frankly, you’re not trying to be. You choose what is best for you and yours.

Quarters — You are looking for ways to deliver services at a fraction of the cost and are hoping for premium results. And while it may sometimes feel like you’re hitting the mark, each year fewer and fewer kids are gracing your door on Halloween.

Select Your Favorite Halloween Costume

(*This offers insight into the customer experiences that matter most to you)

Superhero — You want something familiar and comforting when choosing a call center partner. From a mile away, you’re excited that people can see the “S” on your chest.

Terrifying Ghoul — You’re interested in eliciting an emotional response through outsourcing. Sure, it’s not “terror” you’re after, but you do want engagement that thrills and delights your customer. You want them to feel something for your brand.

Pop Culture Reference — Think trendy and timely. You want to level up customer experiences with relevant, surprising engagements (forged through data and insights). This means you’re pushing the envelope each and every year to find the costume that somehow feels effortless, timely, and clever at the same time. You want something original that will stand out from the rest.

“Hello, my name is Dave” — (Ahem). You’re looking for outsourcing options that just work and don’t necessarily require a lot of effort. You need just enough ingenuity to gain entrance to the Halloween party so you can connect with other guests. The way you see it, the less time spent on your costume, the more attention you can dedicate to things that do matter—like your customers.

Select Your Favorite Scary Movie

(*This helps pinpoint the goals you hope to achieve while collaborating with an outsourcing partner)

The Shining — The classics are classic for a reason. You’re aimed at tried-and-true markers of revenue and growth. If you’re hitting those KPIs, everything else seems to fall into place.

Saw — Your goals are aggressive when choosing a contact center, and they may seem unorthodox to some. But your outlook is: the more outlandish the goal, the harder it is to ignore.

Hocus Pocus — You’ve embraced the idea that goals can be fun. Through contests, challenges, or bobbing for apples, you’re willing to gamify and deploy goal programs that focus on your contact center agents’ morale. In your view, a happy, collaborative team, mixing the cauldron as one, creates great customer engagement overall.

Alien — You want goals that change the way people think about customer service and outsourcing. You’re inspired by the way Ridley Scott’s iconic feature first brought horror to space and opened the door for future female action stars via Sigourney Weaver’s unforgettable portrayal of Officer Ripley. You want goals that turn your industry upside down.

What Does it All Mean for Outsourcing?

Based on your quiz results, you should now have a better understanding of the outsourcing priorities that resonate with your business and your customers. And hopefully, you have a handful of areas you’re ready to optimize and outsource.
Even though selecting a BPO partner (or replacing one) is filled with variables to consider, Outsource Consultants makes the process less scary. No tricks, just treats.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could improve your BPO services, stop wondering. Schedule your very own no-risk, no-cost consultation today to review your options and learn more about improving customer service outsourcing.