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US Labor Shortages and the Growing Need to Outsource

US Labor Shortages and the Growing Need to OutsourceRecord-breaking wage growth and low unemployment rates have made it harder than ever for businesses to field a domestic call center staff. As existing teams grow or former employees leave, organizations must find high-quality candidates to add to their teams fast. But, searching, hiring and training candidates is time consuming, and creating a stable and scalable internal team is harder for two specific reasons:

  1. Employees have a wealth of opportunities to choose from
  2. And they can demand higher salaries.

Following 94 months of consecutive economic growth, U.S. workers have lower overall unemployment and higher overall earnings.

With a record 6.7 million job openings, the single biggest problem for domestic businesses is finding affordable, quality workers

For that reason, more and more organizations are turning to nearshore and domestic outsourcing to fulfill their call center needs. Here are a few reasons why an outsourcing vendor might be right for you:

1) Money Talks

The first and most obvious benefit is cost. The lifeblood of every business requires leadership to grow revenue and fight thinning margins. Outsourcing helps organizations staff a comprehensive call center at a fraction of the cost.

By reducing the overall costs to grow and implement your teams, you can get the same production from an outsourced staff, whether domestic or nearshore, than a traditional team can offer. Better yet, cost reductions allow organizations to reallocate and invest financial resources to other areas of your organization.

2) Greater Efficiency

Not only does a call center give you the support capabilities to provide service at scale, outsourcing with a reputable partner removes a number of day-to-day managerial headaches.

Businesses that go it alone will struggle to manage IT and infrastructure constraints, especially as they grow and are forced to focus on hiring, training and managing a changing roster of agents.

Outsourcing offers you a dedicated workforce of experienced professionals, trained to navigate complex outsourcing projects and prepared to work effectively from day one.

3) Continuity and Stability of Service

Business success can be earned or burned at every single customer touchpoint — customer service is no exception. Businesses that outsource call staffing can be confident in knowing world-class agents are handling customer interaction. Further, they know their call centers are not overwhelmed with unexpected call volume or personnel shortfalls.

One negative customer experience — whether being placed on hold for a long period of time or receiving rushed, sub-standard service — can be the end to a business relationship, perhaps before it has even begun.

Nearshore and domestic outsourcing guards against inexperienced or unreliable representatives negatively impacting your bottom line.

4) Long-term business growth

Modern businesses do not have the luxury of time. As industries change rapidly with the evolution of technology and consumer demands, your call center needs to be poised to rise to the occasion across all your initiatives.

Outsourcing offers organizations the flexibility to adapt their services with their changing needs.

With finite resources, and a focus on growing your business, you need to know that every section of your business is ready to take a big leap forward, particularly you call center teams.

5) Security you can trust

Securing your customer data will always be a pivotal business requirement.

Outsourcing allows you to entrust compliance and customer service to qualified reps, specifically trained for your business compliance needs, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FDCPA, with dedicated technology systems and software built to maintain data integrity.

The good news. The bad news.

The U.S. economy continues to flourish, giving the American worker more opportunity and higher earning potential. The downfall of this positive trend continues to impact business owners, who struggle to find reliable US-based call center workers at a fair cost margin.

While this business challenge is not unique, the benefits from outsourcing are numerous and often specific to the industry. If you’re still struggling to find good workers at the right price, consider whether cost, efficiency and business outcomes might be positively influenced by an outsourcing partner to staff your call center.

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