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There’s No Turning Back From the Digital World, But Don’t Lose Sight of Customer Service!

In this digital age with social media and Internet at our fingertips, are we closer to our customers than ever, or further apart? It can be very easy for companies to disconnect from their customers and distance themselves when many interactions are going to digital platforms over traditional in-person interactions. However, a recent article by Luc Burgelman points out that customers expect personal, humanized engagement from companies no matter what channel they contact them. Burgelman argues that companies need to look beyond making sales and strive towards making a real connection with customers with the goal of earning a long-term relationship with them. His article offers the following five keys to help humanize the customer experience:

1) Provide personalized, tailored service and marketing to customers based on individual data.

2) Strive for full data density. Learn more here.

3) Utilize AI for continuous learning.

4) Deliver service in real time.

5) Connect with customers seamlessly between digital devices and the real world.

There’s No Turning Back From the Digital World, But Don’t Lose Sight of Customer Service!

There have been many articles written on the subject of how digital service channels have ruined the customer experience, and there have been many written on how digital channels have made service better than ever. We can argue back and forth every day about whether or not smartphones and social media improve the customer experience, but the reality is that, like it or not, the technology is here to stay and will continue to improve and expand in reach and capabilities over time.

Burgelman’s article, and others like it, do a great job of pointing out that while companies can use modern resources to improve the customer experience, it can be very easy to lose sight of what’s important. Make no mistake; companies should be embracing omnichannel customer service and always be interested in moving with new trends. However, the more you embrace digital advancements, the more you should be checking yourself to ensure your main priority is how it will positively affect your customers. Meet the customers where they gather, but be prepared to provide them with an experience that makes them feel like a priority, as though they’re the individual that matters most to your brand.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

5 Keys to Humanizing the Digital Customer Experience – Luc Burgelman

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