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Outsourcing Language Support Makes it a Breeze to Expand Internationally

Outsourcing Language Support Makes it a Breeze to Expand InternationallyThe faster your company grows, the sooner you’ll look to expand internationally — aiming to capture new customers across new territories.

Truth is, if your company has scaled to the edges of your domestic territory, you’ve mastered the language of business success. But what happens when actual language fluency across customer service is your biggest challenge internationally?

If organizations want to go global, leaders must empower customer service with a solution that is both cost-effective and reflects the language preferences of targeted international customers.

Below we detail the common challenges and potential rewards for companies that take advantage of BPOs that specialize in multi-language support to outsource their native language customer service.

Native Language Customer Service is Hard — Outsource Call Centers Make it Easy

BPOs that specialize in multi-language support are a great option if you’re looking to elevate your global business strategy. Here are a few challenges to consider as you plan your path forward:

Consumer expectations:

It doesn’t matter if your organization is a wildly-popular global brand or a smaller organization looking to expand internationally: If you can’t communicate with customers in their preferred language, you’ll fail to penetrate the local market. Fact.

That’s because 60 percent of customers expect service in their native language. 

And don’t assume you can scale internationally as an English-only operation, as 80 percent of contact centers serve customers who aren’t native speakers of the primary languages they support.

High-cost perception:

Anytime you add specialized services to your organization, it comes at a price. Many organizations avoid outsourcing because they don’t want to add costs, even though adding efficiency via a call center can potentially improve their bottom line and most often reduce costs.

It’s true that it takes fairly-compensated agents to expand internationally and support customer language preferences, but choosing not to not do so leaves you with poor alternatives that expose you to lackluster customer experiences.

Many organizations try to employ in-house language services to serve their customers, but in a recent survey, 47 percent of senior executives identified hiring and managing native language speaking agents as a primary pain point. 

Are you willing to put in all the time, cost and effort required to field a multilingual customer service team that may only spell success in half of the business scenarios? Or would you rather trust experts with a proven record of success?

You may think you cannot afford a mullti-language BPO vendor to assist you – but you truly can’t afford to leave your customers and future opportunities exposed to poor customer service in the above example. 

Supply and demand:

Most call centers can support English and Spanish languages because of their high popularity and volume of qualified agents to employ. 

However, your international market will require more specialized language support.

For instance, many European languages are localized within their country of origin, with fewer native speakers available to serve customers. Larger BPO providers have capitalized on leveraging global European operations capitalizing on higher prices for niche languages.

Organizations that cannot be handcuffed by these inflated costs should consider a call center consultant that can find less expensive middle-market options, offering the same high quality outsourced services at more reasonable rates. 

Key Advantages of International Language Services

Selecting the right provider will take time and research, but with sound guidance, there are many key benefits your organization can expect:

Reach more customers:

Quality outsource providers that support language and cultural connections open you up to more opportunities. That means connecting with the 72 percent of consumers who are more likely to make a purchase if they can access information in their native language.

Further, a majority of senior executives said that providing call center support in a native language has significant impact on their businesses growth. 

Boost results:

Secure more business opportunities, broaden your brand influence and drive revenue with customer service tailored to the communication preferences of global consumers, as more than half of your customers will pay more if you give them information in their own language. 

High-quality customer service:

International multi-language BPOs ensure communication is accurate, clear and expedient, giving your customers what they need, when they need it, in terms they understand. 42 percent of consumers refuse to communicate about products or services in non-native languages.

Personalization That Matters

Customers expect personalized experiences, and it’s an easy way for organizations to make the customer feel valuable. With 75 percent of consumers agreeing they are more likely to make a purchase from businesses that cater to their language preferences, optimizing your language support is arguably the most vital element of your customer service.

Find the Outsource Call Center Solution That Fits Your Language Needs 

Outsource Consultants has over 25 years of outsourcing industry experience with thousands of hours learning the strengths and specializations that outsource call centers can offer organizations that want to scale internationally. 

Our team is ready to assist in a number of areas:

  • Identifying your language service needs.
  • Screening for potential partners with best-in-class capabilities.
  • Offering industry recommendations, pricing and terms.
  • Choosing call center partners that can fulfill your aspirations to expand internationally.

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