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OC Leaders Recognized as Top Voices in Call Center Customer Service

Outsource Consultants featured in CXM TodayThere’s no substitute for expertise when it comes to thrilling customers.

And there’s no shortage of experts at Outsource Consultants., which is why Corey Kotlarz, Founder and President, and Dave LaBatt, Executive BPO Matchmaker, were excited to share their nearly 60 years of collective CX and outsourcing expertise in a recent article published by CXMToday.

Outsourcing Careers Built on Customer Service

Recognized as two of the top voices in call center customer service, Corey and Dave have both built careers that reflect core principles of honesty, integrity, and respect that continue to help OC clients discover the best-fit contact center outsourcing partner to help drive their growth:

Dave LaBatt:This industry has many people who “do the right thing”, but there are also “bad actors” in this space and we stay abreast of who they are. 

We pride ourselves on helping to navigate our clients and align them with those strong performing BPOs that are high character, with honesty and integrity. Although we remain “Switzerland” throughout your search process, we are still here to help you ask the right questions along your call center search journey to protect you and your company.”

Corey Kotlarz: We dont just help a client with their BPO selection process; we’re there through their entire journey of outsourcing, holding their hand during the implementation process and beyond.

The benefit for our clients is ongoing performance management, where we literally check in monthly on how the BPO provider is performing. We also engage with the BPO provider, asking how things are going with the client, identifying any communication gaps, and exploring how we can together elevate the client and customer experience.”

Where Humans Excel

In an era where digital disruption, especially through AI, compels organizations to make huge, strategic decisions swiftly to remain competitive, the role of a trusted call center advocate to identify CX trends, steer decision-making, and foster partnerships is more critical than ever.

Dave LaBatt: “We feel that you will see more and more AI-related solutions that will complement the call center agents in the coming years. These will help drive lower costs and an overall better customer experience. 

We are already seeing products that intertwine translation services for real-time communications between agents and customers. This could be a huge game changer as you’re able to now leverage the same agent to manage so many more languages through translation technology.

Corey Kotlarz: AI is at the forefront of the CX marketplace, a hot topic everyone discusses. But it’s about how it impacts our BPO partners, helping them elevate their game through digital transformation. 

We’ve partnered with digital transformation consulting firms and AI service providers to assist our BPO partners to elevate CX. Our role is to guide them to be more competitive, ensuring they have a strong solutions set in the market, as their competitiveness directly affects the ability to help clients succeed.”

Improving CX Starts with Choosing the Right BPO Partner

Finding the right BPO partner to help build a modernized call center CX strategy creates powerful customer experiences – and it’s how Outsource Consultants has helped hundreds of clients delight their customers while staying cost-effective and competitive within their industries. 

Both Corey and Dave have specific expertise you can’t find anywhere else in the contact center outsourcing industry, which is why clients seek out their insights when building a CX strategy:

Corey Kotlarz: “With our proprietary database of 500+ BPO providers, we have unparalleled domain expertise in understanding global geo diversification, identifying which markets are saturated, where attrition is high, and overall pricing trends. 

This makes us the subject matter experts on guiding clients to avoid potential landmines in markets with security issues or high attrition rates. Our knowledge of the global call center outsourcing landscape is unmatched, allowing us to match clients’ outsourcing needs with the perfect market and BPO provider, significantly reducing their risks and optimizing ROI. This unique understanding and database are what set us apart in the marketplace.”

Dave LaBatt: “Whenever I’m asked, ‘Who’s the ideal call center for us?’ I light up. I thrive on those chats. Sharing my insights to find their perfect match is what I love. It’s all about connecting them with the right partner, and I’m here for it.

So, for anyone, let’s set up that quick call and I will give you this answer!”

How to Build a Modern CX Strategy in 2024?

Corey and Dave are both helping the Outsource Consultants team redefine outsourcing consultancy by embedding core values such as honesty and integrity, guiding clients towards tech-forward partners that enhance customer engagement. 

Their strategy is straightforward: Leverage outsourcing labor while harnessing AI and technology to maintain authentic customer relationships. 

This approach isn’t just the future—it sets a new standard for businesses eager to deeply connect with their audience. Reach out to Corey, Dave, or the Outsource Consultants team for a superior approach to your 2024 call center outsourcing strategy.