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Internal Communication Is Crucial To Successful Customer Experience Programs

In his recent article, Ian Golding points out that communication is crucial if companies want to maintain a customer-centric environment. If you spend time and money to create a customer experience program but you never communicate to the rest of your company what it is and how it’s significant, then it’s all a waste of time and effort. Golding says that if companies want their employees to fully buy in to the new strategy, then managers and executives need to consistently and continuously bring it up in order for it to stick. Even though people may become annoyed with persistence in mentioning customer experience programs and goals, it’s still necessary in order to help make them instilled in people’s mindsets and the company culture.

In order to make the customer-centric goals and programs stick in people’s minds, Golding says that it’s important to communicate the message in unique and even out-there methods. This could mean presenting the information in a way that’s interactive for employees so they can fully engage by seeing, hearing, and doing to make the information stick more easily. However a company decides to communicate new strategies and plans, the most important thing is that the information is presented in ways that engage employees in an interesting and consistent manner.

Companies who communicate effectively will be more likely to properly instill new customer-centric programs into their culture. However, Golding points out that if companies don’t communicate properly, they could see a variety of negative consequences. Some of these negative consequences include misinformed customers, failure to meet goals and expectations, unhappy customers, employees losing motivation, and more. Keeping important initiatives a secret from employees will never lead to good results, so communicating honestly and openly in a fun or engaging way is the best way to connect with people and ensure they’re on the same page. When everyone in the company is on the same page, goals will be met and customers will ultimately be happier.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Communication — Essential to Creating and Sustaining a Customer-Centric Culture – Ian Golding

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