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Don’t Drop the Call: A Guide to Political Call Center Procurement

Don't Drop the Call: A Guide to Political Call Center ProcurementPolitical campaigns are a whirlwind of activity, and with this year’s election approaching, securing the right call center partner is crucial. Here’s why political call center procurement is unique, and what to consider when making your choice:

Target the Right Audience, Through the Right Channel, at the Right Time

Not all call centers are created equal. Look for partners with agents specifically trained for political campaigns. Whether it’s mobilizing voters (“Get Out the Vote” efforts), raising campaign funds, or simply informing constituents about your candidate’s platform, you need agents who understand the specific needs of your campaign.

Time is of the Essence

The window for securing a qualified political call center can be tight. Don’t wait until the last minute! Research and vet potential partners early to ensure they have the experience and capacity to meet your campaign’s needs.

Remember, settling for a generic telemarketing service won’t deliver the same kind of targeted outreach and personalized experience that an experienced political call center can.

Embrace Technology to Engage Younger Voters

Today’s voters, particularly younger demographics, expect a variety of communication options. Partnering with a call center that offers an “omni-channel” approach is key. This means offering self-service options like:

  • Voter Registration and Update Portals: Streamline registration and allow voters to easily update details or change affiliations.
  • Automated Feedback and Surveys (via SMS Texting): Gather valuable insights to inform campaign strategies and policy decisions.

By offering self-service options alongside traditional phone outreach, you can cater to younger voters who may prefer a more independent approach to information gathering and engagement.


Political call center procurement requires careful consideration. By focusing on targeted outreach, securing a partner early, and embracing technology, you can ensure your campaign connects with voters in a meaningful and impactful way.

Don’t drop the call on this vital campaign resource! Contact us today and we’ll help you find your best-fit political call center!