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5 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Help Growing Companies

In a recent article, Sawaram Suthar discusses how companies can scale their customer service as they grow. The article offers the following four tips for scaling your customer service to meet the needs of your expanding business:

1) Strengthen your existing customer service teams by ensuring their goals align with the company’s overall goals through rigid training programs and proper scenario scripting.

2) Suthar recommends using email validation technology to organize emails in order of priority, especially when customer email volumes become overwhelming.

3) As business expands, it’s important to add departments to keep employees from being overwhelmed which maintaining a clear customer service vision by having open communication on data, technology, and company culture.

4) Automate mundane or simple tasks to keep employees focused on more challenging or significant projects or customer interactions.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Scaling Customer Service As Business Grows – Sawaram Suthar

5 Ways Call Centers Can Help Growing Companies

If you’re a president or vice president at a growing company, you’ve never had a slow day. You’re constantly busy trying to bring a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. But did you know that there is a way to lighten your workload while financially benefitting your company? The answer is outsourcing with a call center. Here are five ways call centers can help growing companies:

  1. Training

If you outsource your call center needs, you will no longer need to concern yourself with implementing the training for your customer service agents. You’ll work with the outsource call center initially to set up your company’s expectations and to plan and organize training procedures for call center customer service agents, but once that is complete the call center’s managers will implement the proper training for customer service agents.

  1. Data

If one of your tasks is researching and organizing customer service calls/information for reporting, outsource call centers can the grunt work for you. That’s right, there are call centers/contact centers that can provide you with data for sales and marketing analytics. They’ll present it to your company when needed.

  1. Marketing Content

Do you oversee the development of marketing content? If you use a social media contact center, they can produce content for your company and then deliver it across all social media channels while monitoring the responses and engaging the online community.

  1. Management

Once you have worked with the outsource call center to set up the expectations, you no longer have to worry about managing the customer service agents unless you would prefer it. The call center has its own managers that know your company’s requirements and standards, so they will be in charge of managing and reporting of employees.

  1. Cost Reduction

This is ultimately what your company will want to know: will an outsource call center reduce costs? The answer is a firm, “Yes!” While results may vary, outsourcing can reduce costs by up to 50% with call centers in the U.S. and nearshore and they can reduce costs up to 70% with an offshore call center!

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