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4 Ways To Inform Frontline Employees Of New Customer Experience Initiatives

You have your new customer experience plan all set up and ready to launch. Now all that matters is how the customers experience your brand and how your employees behind the scenes monitor success, right? While it’s important to have behind-the-scenes employees carefully monitoring data from new customer experience initiatives, an article by Dave Fish points out that an important, but overlooked, component of customer experience programs is buy-in from your customer-facing employees. In-store customer service representatives and call center agents need to understand the new customer experience program and approve of it if the initiative is going to be effective. Fish’s article offers the following four ways to inform front-line employees of new customer experience initiatives.

1) Call center agents can benefit greatly from dashboards that give the most important analytics related to the new customer experience program. These can include maps showing the company’s busiest regions, satisfaction scores, and more. Fish’s article goes into more detail on specific dashboard tools available.

2) For customer service representatives who don’t access a dashboard daily, Fish recommends going completely public with the customer experience initiative and its results. This helps employees by keeping goals and expectations on top of mind while giving transparency to customers.

3) Public displays of department and store scores.

4) Similar to having in-store public displays showing customer satisfaction, Fish also recommends companies share customer ratings and reviews on their websites. However, they should not leave out negative reviews and ratings.

How Call Centers Can Keep Agents Up-To-Date On Customer Experience

The biggest ways to encourage the customer experience program are hiring the right people, implementing effective training, and utilizing robust CRM systems.

  • Hiring the right people means having an ideal personality and mindset determined for future agents. For example, a call center might have requirements that candidates should have empathy and a predisposition towards positive thinking. If you can hire people who have a natural eagerness to help others and learn new things, you’ll be off to a great start.
  • Effective training includes more than traditional classroom strategies. Call centers should demonstrate proper customer service examples by playing recordings of past calls with actual agents who delivered a great customer experience. In addition, part of a new hire’s training should include working with an experienced call center agent to allow them to gain familiarity with the rhythm of the job. These training strategies provide agents with exposure to real world call center situations and will make them better prepared for their position.
  • If call center agents have robust CRM systems to work with, they’ll be set up for success. This includes having past customer experiences and data along with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist the agents by providing advice and recommendations during calls to personalize the customer experience. In addition, CRM systems can be used the way Fish’s article demonstrates to show agents the most important data that reflects how the company is doing with its customer experience initiative.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

What Krusty Burger Can Teach Us About Driving CX Action at the Front Line – Dave Fish

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