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4 Reasons Live Chat Support Contact Centers Make Companies Happy

In a recent article, Tom Tseki discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized to improve customer service in the form of chatbots. The article states that within the next year, over 50% of companies will utilize AI technology to improve their customer service productivity. Thought chatbots can be highly effective in improving contact center operations, Tseki points out that a lot can go wrong if they don’t properly prepare prior to launching chatbot technology. The article elaborates on the following three best practices contact centers should use before implementing chatbots:

1) Recognize Customer Frustration and Escalate Issues

2) Build a Strong Dataset

3) Leverage Translation Technologies

4 Reasons Live Chat Support Contact Centers Make Companies Happy

Tseki’s article pointed out the usefulness of chatbots while still recognizing the significance of having live chat agents. However, having in-house agents specifically to perform chat support isn’t always practical for many companies. The solution to this issue is to partner with a contact center that specializes in live chat support. The following are four reasons to utilize live chat support contact centers:

1) Staff dedicated strictly to live chat support.

Companies often can’t afford to have on-staff agents dedicated only to live chat support, but outsource call centers can provide it for you at a cheaper cost. Having fully-dedicated agents to provide live chat support ensures a more focused and substantial chat experience. The qualified agents are trained in the unique practices of a chat experience that is both pro-active and reactive to fit the variety of inquiries that come in from your customer website(s).

2) Cost reduction.

Following up on the previous reason above, contact centers can greatly reduce your company’s costs depending on the location you’re outsourcing to. If your company is located in the United States, outsourcing to domestic call centers can reduce costs up to 25%. If your company is looking to outsource to nearshore locations in Latin America, costs can be reduced by up to 50%. And if you’re interested in outsourcing to offshore locations such as the Philippines, cost reduction can be as high as 70%.

3) Multichannel capabilities and technology.

Contact centers can provide state-of-the-art technologies that include robust CRM systems, cloud software, digital recording, IVR and others. In addition, contact centers can branch out and provide your company with traditional inbound customer service as well as other non-voice BPO offerings.

4) Broader reach for customer support.

When customers have questions about your products or need customer service, many of them still prefer the two-way communication of personal phone call. Others who are not in a hurry prefer the more relaxed email communication that may bring them an answer in 24 hours. But live chat support can be there to help a third group of customers wanting immediate answers without the connection of a phone call. Companies that utilize outsourced contact centers provide immediate answers to potential customers and significantly increase website sales while reducing shopping cart abandonment.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Will AI-based Chatbots Redefine the Customer Experience? – Tom Tseki

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