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Chris Schoonmaker Joins Outsource Consultants

Chris Schoonmaker Joins Outsource ConsultantsSaint Louis Park, MN, June 8, 2023 – Chris Schoonmaker has joined Outsource Consultants as an Executive BPO Matchmaker.

Bringing over 15 years of expertise to the sales division at Outsource Consultants, Schoonmaker is set to play a vital role in driving the continuous development of client engagement and fostering business growth. As a trusted advisor and thought leader, he will provide valuable guidance both internally and to our esteemed clients and BPO partners.

For the past decade, Schoonmaker has been a significant influencer in the call center industry. Holding executive positions at renowned organizations such as, AT&T, and most recently World Connection, he has consistently demonstrated his leadership and sales proficiency. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive knowledge in telecommunications and technology, with a specific focus on communications platforms. His expertise has established him as a trusted advisor within the call center industry, and he eagerly anticipates applying his wealth of experience to his new role at Outsource Consultants.

“I am excited to join this growing organization,” says Schoonmaker. “One of the biggest factors that drew me to Outsource Consultants is the company being owned and operated by its founder, leading to a clear vision of providing flexibility and concierge-style outsourcing services to its customer base.”

About Outsource Consultants

Outsource Consultants is a call center outsourcing advisory firm that specializes in matching companies with outsource call centers that are a perfect fit. With our team’s over 150 combined years of call center industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to initiate lasting partnerships between our clients and BPO providers. Our mission is to provide companies with a call center industry insider’s expertise without requiring them to exhaust their own time and resources.

We have spent years researching and screening outsource call centers to develop a proprietary database of over 500 of the world’s top-performing US-based, nearshore, offshore, and at-home BPO providers – including hundreds that wouldn’t have otherwise been on our clients’ radar. Our BPO analysts are continually updating our database to ensure our data is fresh and accurate.

Our unique matching algorithm uses over 50 data points to identify BPOs that meet our clients’ exact specifications and present the options in a side-by-side comparative matrix for easy analysis. We continue to monitor the ongoing performance of the BPO provider and act as an advocate for our clients after the selection has taken place.

Our BPO partners consistently deliver improved performance, exceptional language proficiency, and considerable cost savings. We simplify the outsource call center search process for our clients, and we’ll do it at NO COST!

Sarah Klosterbuer
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