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Fundraising & Non-Profit Call Centers

Call centers can help your non-profit organization with its fundraising goals and more!

If your organization mostly relies on donations to meet your growth goals, call centers can help your non-profit organization with all your fundraising needs and more! Whether you require inbound or outbound calling services, call centers can be a great way to provide additional revenue to your organization.

Fundraising & Non-Profit Call Center Services

Fundraising & Non-ProfitCall centers can provide both inbound and outbound services to your organization. These services include:

  • Outbound calls to your list of donors
  • Outbound solicitation calls according to your specific time selection
  • Donor acquisition
  • Donation cultivation
  • Donor retention
  • Lead generation
  • Inbound customer service
  • Seasonal inbound agents during busy times of the year

Get a recommendation of todays most respected fundraising & non-profit call centers.

Let our 20-year outsourcing advisors help you make an informed choice. Outsource Consultants has an extensive network of non-profit & fundraising call centers throughout the U.S. We have assessed and documented the strengths, specializations, and pricing of each of these providers. We can present you with recommendations and quotes from the most respected fundraising & non-profit call centers for your review.

Here is what we provide:

  • Industry insight and recommendations on pricing and terms
  • Screening of potential call center partners
  • Match you with the perfect non-profit call center

We can help your non-profit raise funds on your next campaign!

We can help you ensure a successful fundraising campaign by connecting you with the call center that best fits your requirements. Non-profit call centers integrate with your company's culture and systems and can provide 24/7 customer service. Simply fill out the form and we'll give you cost proposals from multiple non-profit call centers — at NO charge!

Get a fundraising & non-profit call center cost proposal!

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