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The Top 7 Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

If there’s one thing we can say about the contact center industry, it’s that it’s constantly evolving. It’s gone from strictly brick-and-mortar centers that only took calls, to virtual and home-based agents, to omnichannel support such as social media and live chat. All of these technological advances have helped support the constant mission of the contact center: deliver the best customer experience possible. There is one newer trend among all these developments in the contact center industry that has the potential for the greatest impact: Cloud call center software solutions.

The article “The Top 7 Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud” by Veronica French reports that, “more than 62% of organizations have their contact center in the cloud, and 42% of the companies that don’t are considering moving to the cloud soon.” 

So, what’s the big deal about cloud-based contact center software and why are so many companies either moving to the cloud or considering it? French presents seven reasons why businesses are moving their contact centers to the cloud.

  1. Quicker deployment and implementation

Depending on the solution package your company goes with, cloud-based centers only take a few days to get up and running, while on-premise centers can take months.

  1. Greater security

Plain and simple, on-premise contact centers are no safer than cloud-based centers. If anything, cloud-based centers have done more work to ensure greater security by the nature of their technological foundation. Cloud software will be tested frequently to ensure safety for all of your customers and employees.

  1. More flexible and scalable

If your contact center is based entirely on the cloud, it will be easier to add and replace agents than with an on-premise call center. Not only is it easier, it’s also much quicker, sometimes as quick as a few minutes. 

  1. Easier to manage remote agents

As long as the agent has a good internet connection, your options for hiring new employees are limitless. You can hire somebody from virtually any location in the world no matter where your company is based.

  1. Standardizes global service

Cloud contact centers can hire anybody in the world, allowing companies to have a greater cultural influence and more flexibility to offer their customers 24/7 service.

  1. Upgrades and innovations are effortless

No more awkward uploading of new software. The cloud enables your contact center to update your system at a moment’s notice. This allows you to keep up with every technological advancement as they arrive, which is crucial in the contact center industry.

  1. Greater visibility into real-time data

Managers can monitor their remote agents in real-time, making it easier to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality service. Many cloud-based contact center features even permit managers to monitor and record agent conversations in real-time. 

French’s seven benefits offer great reasons to at least consider migrating your on-premise contact center to a cloud-based contact center. However, she also provides a great infographic, which demonstrates data that highlights cloud-based contact centers and benefits according to businesses’ metrics. To see this infographic and read the original article, please click the link below: 

The Top 7 Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud – Veronica French

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