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The Importance of Security in Contact Centers

The Importance of Security in Contact CentersCall center outsourcing is a logical strategy for businesses of all sizes. A recent article by Deeksha Dadu lays out the following factors to look for when picking a call center partner:

  1. Quality assurance that matches your company’s standards.
  2. Security against data theft, cyber theft, fraud, and more.
  3. KPI capabilities.
  4. Technology quality and redundancy.
  5. You need to be able to afford it, after all.

The article discusses nine total factors in detail, and you can read about all of them here.

Customer experience tends to dominate the conversation when evaluating a call center. While effective communication may rightly be the most important factor, there should be another priority: security.

If your customers aren’t safe from hackers and other cyber criminals, then you’re not giving them the experience they deserve. You need to make sure your contact center partner uses procedures that keep your customers’ data safe, especially by maintaining compliance with guidelines and regulations (for example, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.).

In addition to compliance and adherence, your contact center should be using available technology to its advantage. This means utilizing the most up-to-date internet connections, anti-phishing software, voice biometrics, encryption software, and backup systems with redundancy.

The stronger a contact center’s infrastructure and architecture, the safer your customers’ personal information will be from cyber criminals. Customer experience isn’t just about service with a smile, it’s also about taking care of your customers and keeping them safe. Data breaches can have major consequences for businesses and their customers, so make sure your contact center makes security a top priority.

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