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Make Sure Your Call Center is a Good Value, Not Cheap

An article by Gautam Mahajan discusses customer value, and how the author feels there are often misconceptions about customer value. The following items provide a brief summation of these misconceptions:

1) Companies focus on key terms like “customer experience” or “customer journey” since they’re trendy, but they often don’t know how it relates to ROI.

2) Businesses assume that satisfaction is the main reason people buy from one company over the other, but Mahajan argues that it normally comes down to price and convenience no matter how good/bad the service.

3) People assume that customers will be dissatisfied with higher prices, but often customers actually associate higher prices with a higher value in products and services.

4) On the other side of the coin from #3, it’s wrong to assume that value and price are the same things and that if something is cheap they’re getting a good deal.

These are only a handful of points Gautam Mahajan makes in his article. To read about these in-depth and learn about his other five points, click here!

Make Sure Your Call Center is a Good Value, Not Cheap

When people are considering call center outsourcing, one of their biggest goals is often cost reduction. However, like any other product or service, there’s a difference between a call center being affordable and being cheap. If you’re seeking a call center in offshore or nearshore markets, it’s going to reduce costs to some degree compared to adding more seats in-house.

The issue is that some people only look at cost as their primary factor and try to find the cheapest call center possible. This may seem like it’ll provide you with good value initially, but over time it’s going to cause more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re paying a call center partner that has slow handling times, incomprehensive agent training, outdated technology, and an overall unreliable history, your massive cost reduction will be negated by the fact that you’re losing customers and you’ll be out looking for a new call center partner sooner than later.

Competitive pricing is only one factor to review when comparing call centers. You also need to perform due diligence on their technology and digital capabilities (omnichannel), language offerings, redundancy and security, compliance and certifications (PCI, HIPAA, IS0900, etc.), capacity and scalability, and performance and quality metrics/KPIs. In addition, it’s critical to know how long potential call center partners have been in business and check their references to make sure their past and current clients have given positive reviews.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click here!

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