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Live Chat Support vs Social Media Messenger

In a recent article, Gemma Baker discusses the difference between companies using social media chat (Facebook Messenger, for example) versus live chat support on their websites. While social media chat is a great way to meet customers conveniently where they gather online, Baker argues that it doesn’t always guarantee the same instant quality of service that live chat support can offer. According to the article, live chat support can guarantee instant communication between customers and agents, where social media chat might deliver results more closely related to delayed responses that come with email support.

According to Baker, one of the biggest advantages live chat for businesses has over social media chat features is the advanced functionality. This includes a database of answers to frequently asked questions to provide quick and accurate responses to routine inquiries. Some live chat tools allow for sharing web browsers so agents can guide the customer and point out answers on the screen rather than trying to explain confusing or tricky steps in text alone. In addition to these benefits, live chat support software enables agents to see important customer analytics (device, web pages viewed, duration on web pages or website, etc.), which can help give agents greater insight into where issues could be stemming from on the customers’ side while also providing valuable data for companies to measure effectiveness of their live chat support.

Overall, both live chat support and social media customer service provide value to companies. However, Baker’s article provides an important point that social media messenger should not be used as a substitute for real live chat support on a company website. At this point, live chat support software gives companies advanced functionality that can serve customers immediately, efficiently, and accurately while also providing companies with important metrics to monitor and evaluate ROI. Live chat support services offer customers a convenient and private way to talk to a company instantly without having to call them, which is what many customers prefer in the age of self-help customer service.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Why Web Chat Systems are so Much More than Facebook Messenger – Gemma Baker

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