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How Contact Centers Can Help Companies Improve The Customer Experience

A recent article by Rob Daleman discusses the significance of customer experience in gaining and retaining customers and increasing revenue. Most companies agree that a high quality customer experience is good for business, especially when using omnichannel communication based on data to ensure personalized experiences. Daleman’s article says that companies are investing heavily into communication management systems and other software in an effort to improve the customer experience, which is showing improved customer satisfaction and financial ROI. The happier the customers are with their service, the more likely they are to remain loyal to a company and evangelize for the brand, which ultimately leads to more customers and more revenue. Dalemen also addresses four areas of customer experience companies need to focus on going forward, including: Importance of data quality, measurement and reporting, retention and loyalty, and 360-degree customer views.

How Contact Centers Can Help Improve The Customer Experience

Contact centers can help companies reach their goal of delivering a high-quality customer experience. Whether you’re outsourcing with domestic, nearshore, or offshore locations, contact centers can be very advantageous to deliver 24/7 services due to technology and scalability options. Multi-channel capabilities and software solutions within contact centers help improve the customer experience in the following ways:

1) Multi-Channel Capabilities

Contact centers can meet your customers anywhere at any time by utilizing traditional inbound phone service, outsourced email services, social media customer service, and live chat support. This means that your customers receive service no matter what time of the day they contact the company and no matter what communication channel they prefer.

2) Software Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help provide contact center agents with the most updated information on your customers to fully personalize the customer experience.
  • IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response) enable your company to resolve customer issues automatically without needing to route the call to a live agent. The software identifies callers and their specific query and gives the customer instruction via phone keypad. This technology allows your contact center agents to focus more on their tasks while still providing customer service to all of your customers.
  • Cloud Call Center Software can help you improve your existing contact center capabilities while streamlining business processes. The cloud integrates with all of your existing call center technology and includes benefits such as predictive dialers, cloud routing, digital recording, call tracking, customized IVR, and more.
  • ACD Systems (Automatic Call Distribution) can have a great impact on your inbound call volume. The ACD system routes incoming customer calls to the contact center agents with the best skill-set to handle the specific issue. This not only makes your call center more efficient, it also creates a better quality customer experience by putting the best agent on the call right away.

In addition, contact centers track important metrics such as customer satisfaction levels (CSAT) and average handling times (AHT) to ensure your customers are receiving fast and efficient responses to their inquiries.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Critical Focus Areas for Customer Experience Improvement – Rob Daleman

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