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How Companies Can Gain Customer Trust And Avoid Cancelled Purchases

Artificial Intelligence, automation, and technology in general have been major discussion pieces in customer service and customer experience in recent times. There are a lot of things companies can do to improve the customer experience, but it ultimately comes down to one important question: Do your customers trust your company? According to a recent article by Daniel Scalco, a high percentage of customers will opt out of purchasing from companies due to lack of trust. Cart abandonment is something companies want to avoid at all costs, so it’s crucial to ensure customers trust you. Scalco gives the following examples for how companies can be building customer trust and avoid cancelled purchases.

1) Consistency of service should be provided across all customer service channels. This includes consistency with information and friendliness from contact center agents. If a customer contacts your company on social media and gets completely different treatment and information than they get when calling the company, it can be confusing and cause uncertainty.

2) Do you promise customers that their calls will be answered in less than five minutes, or that their inquiries on social media channels will be responded to instantly? If your company makes these promises or promises similar to them, then you must live up to them every time. A company should always do what it says it will do, whether that’s providing service at any time of the day every day, responding to emails within a certain amount of time, etc. If you promise something to your customers, you better deliver.

3) If you want customers to trust you, one of the best ways to gain credibility is via reviews and testimonials from other customers and companies. If your products or services have positive reviews, put them on your website!

4) Don’t make it a challenge for customers to contact you. There are times when companies seem to hide their contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) deep in their website, and that sends a signal to customers that you aren’t interested in hearing from them. If you want communication with customers and for potential customers to feel welcome and that their input matters, you have to make your contact information easy to find.

5) Make sure your customers are fully aware that their information is secure and private. In an age of identity theft, data breaches, and people selling personal information, customers want to know their information won’t be compromised if they make a purchase or fill out a form.

6) If you screw up, admit it and do everything you can to make up for it. Customers get frustrated when companies make mistakes, but they’ll be even more upset if the company tries to cover it up or deny it. The less transparent you are as a company, the more of a barrier you’re creating between you and your customers.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

6 Effective Strategies for Earning Your Customers’ Trust – Daniel Scalco

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