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How Companies Can Better Engage Their Customers

Companies use all of their resources in an effort engage people before they become customers. However, according to a recent article by Rob Krugman, companies often lose the personal touch with their communication once they win over customers. If companies utilize the technology and communications they already have while re-focusing them strategically towards engaging existing customers, they’ll be more likely to see an increase in revenue. How can this be accomplished? Krugman offers a few pieces of advice.

The first thing companies need to do to better engage their customer engagement tools is to fully embrace the digital space in addition to traditional paper-based communication (mail, flyers, etc.) because a high percentage of customers utilize computers, tablets, and smartphones for most of their daily interactions with companies. While traditional communication isn’t going anywhere in the near future, people are trending more and more towards using only digital channels, so companies need to accept this reality and shift their communication to websites, cloud, and other online tools if they haven’t already. Having a good mix of traditional and digital marketing and communication provides an omni-channel experience that’s better suited to meeting today’s customer needs.

In addition to providing an omni-channel experience, Krugman also urges companies to make the communication as clear as possible. Be straightforward and conversational with your language on web pages, emails, and other communication and avoid using jargon, which can be confusing or convoluted. Utilizing visual representations of information, such as charts and infographics, can be another great way to make the communication clear.

Finally, it’s crucial that your communication with customers be personalized (“Because you bought this, we think you might like this!” or “Dear (Person’s Name)” in an email). Sending customers personalized recommendations based off their purchase history with your company will help them feel less like they’re just another number and more like they matter to your company.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

3 Building Blocks for Creating Engaging Customer Communications – Rob Krugman

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