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How Cloud Contact Center Software Can Help Companies During the Holiday Season

Is it too early to talk about the holiday season? Absolutely not, especially if you work in the contact center industry or your company utilizes a contact center for their customer service. The holiday season is only three months away, and if you work in the retail industry, you’re probably already preparing to scale-up your contact center to serve an influx of customer traffic. This blog post discusses how cloud call center software solutions can help large and small companies to be better prepared for the hectic time between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, as well as with other busy seasons.

By now, everyone should be aware that customer service and a high-quality customer experience are some of the make-or-break keys to having success in today’s economy. But according to his article “Cloud Cures the Holiday Crush”, Gavin Gustafson tells us the Harvard Business Review reported, “where 92% of US-based respondents were from organizations with more than 1000 employees, nearly half indicated that improving the customer experience was indicated as either one or two in level of priority.”

In addition, a very small percentage of the employees were confident they could adapt to new technological trends. As shocking as the report may sound, there are still plenty of companies who are focusing their efforts on optimizing their data, workforce training, security, and communication channel integration. One of the best technological solutions for companies of any size is to utilize cloud-based contact center software. While large companies can often easily make a shift to the cloud, small companies often feel like they don’t have the same opportunities or advantages.

Smaller companies have a larger challenge in winning over customers. Gustafson argues that while smaller companies are often more willing to put their customers as the #1 priority, it can often result in a poor overall operational model, especially once scalability is required during the holidays. Small companies will see a calm and steady amount of business for most of the year, but once the holiday seasons rolls around the customer service must be increased by ten times. These smaller companies must find a way to scale up without overloading their contact center, and cloud-based contact center software is able to help them. 

Gustafson points out that cloud contact center software solutions can help companies due to their scalability and flexible platforms. The cloud can help companies become more efficient by providing call routing based on expertise, customer database integration, self-service capabilities, and quick and easy real-time system updating.

When retail or other service-based companies move their customer service operations to a cloud-based contact center software solution, they can face the dramatic increase in traffic with excitement as opposed to dread. The reason for this is the flexibility and unlimited scalability can help them easily achieve their goals and deliver a customer experience that sets them apart from competitors and creates customer loyalty. In addition, cloud call center software enables these companies to only pay for the service they use, as opposed to paying for everything up front like they would with a traditional contact center arrangement.

This blog post was based on an article from ICMI. To read the original article, please click here.

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