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How Call Centers Assist Customers After Companies Suffer Data Breaches

In a recent article, Shelby Faris discusses the significance in contact centers maintaining PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance. Not only can organizations be fined for not adhering to PCI, but they can also face severe lawsuits if they suffer data breaches and they aren’t using PCI-compliant contact centers. Faris goes on to detail the following five tips for PCI compliance:

  • Create policies and procedures
  • Update documentation
  • Inform employees
  • Partner with PCI compliant vendors
  • Continuously enforce

To read about these tips, please check them out in this Faris article.

How Call Centers Assist Customers After Companies Suffer Data Breaches

How prepared are you to take on a data breach? Companies do their absolute best to adhere to PCI compliance and defend themselves against data breaches, but ultimately, there’s always still a risk that it could happen to them. You’ve heard about it a lot in recent years: “X company has suffered a data breach.” The business ends up fighting to regain a positive reputation and the trust of the public. Sometimes it takes years to get back to where the organization was before the breach, and sometimes they never fully recover. This ultimately can lead to a drop in revenue and, in the worst-case scenario, the company going out of business.

From the consumer perspective, customers who are loyal to a company are extremely concerned when the company suffers a data breach. They’re afraid that their information has been compromised and they could be victims of identity theft. While you can’t 100% guarantee protection from data breaches, you can guarantee that when they happen you’ll be there for the people who need help and information. How? By utilizing an outsource call center!

Call centers can be there to answer questions and ensure help for every person in need. They can provide people with any information regarding the data breach and can assist them in any next steps they need to take. This may not solve every issue that comes along with a data breach, but it can at least help perform damage control and let your customers know you’re still there for them and care during a difficult time.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the following link: PCI Compliance: What It Is and How Call Centers Achieve Compliance – Shelby Faris

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