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8 Metric Silos That Make or Break Customer Experience Programs

When you’re selecting the right metrics to track for your customer experience management strategy, it’s important to determine to determine the cause and effect of the metrics. In her recent article, Lynn Hunsaker discusses how customer experience metric silos can either exaggerate or minimize your momentum. Hunsaker presents eight metric silos that could make or break your customer experience program.

Team Metrics

All of your team’s success is built up from the successes of individuals in your company on all levels. It’s crucial to track the performance from point-to-point to see what metrics are causing significant progress. 

Organizational Metrics

Cohesion is critical in an organization and any discrepancies between departments and systems can cause major issues for building momentum. For a customer experience program to be successful, there needs to be consistency of information and communication from all of the organizations teams, product lines, and systems/programs.

Care-About Metrics

What your company wants customers to care about and what your customers actually care about may be completely different. Learn about what your customers actually care about from your company in terms of customer service and product expectations and you’ll be able to effectively measure the best metrics to measure your progress. 

Empowering Metrics

This ties in more with care-about metrics. Hunsaker states that measuring individual/team performance by revenue is too distant form the employee for them to feel they have an impact on it. It’s better to track the employee’s performance in care-about metrics such as response times and you’ll see better cause and effect results for revenue. 

Recognition Metrics

Customer experiences are not determined by recognition metrics based on individual achievements. Customers primarily want an easy, hassle-free experience. It’s better to reward prevention of customer issues and focus on teamwork to achieve a better customer experience.

Dashboard Metrics

It’s important to set up dashboards to show the cause and effect of performance. By showing how each employee (individually and as a team) effects to the organization’s success as a whole, it will lead to more pride in their work and ultimately a better overall customer experience.

Resolution Metrics

Hunsaker argues that case management and first contact resolution metrics might cloud the overall goal of creating a hassle-free customer experience. Instead, metrics should be about identifying trends and focusing on preventing the issues instead of just fixing them. 

Program Metrics

Use customer viewpoints and revenue to track ROI from specific leads. Also, add in other variables like timeline of the leads and extent of lead nurturing and see how it compares to employee engagement with those leads as well as the typical steps in nurturing a lead. 

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

8 Customer Experience Metric Silos Mask Momentum – Lynn Hunsaker

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