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6 Key Factors to Consider when Selecting an Outsource Call Center

6 Key Factors to Consider when Selecting an Outsource Call Center

So, you’re considering call center outsourcing? There are probably a lot of questions you have and maybe you don’t even know where to start. Fear not! We have a list of 6 key factors to consider when searching for an outsource call center partner.

1. Specialization

Not all call centers focus on the same industries, so make sure that the outsource call center has the experience in your company’s industry. Learn the focus of their services: inbound or outbound. Are they focused on sales conversions or customer support? Where are their call centers located (USA, onshore or offshore markets)? What are their language capabilities?

2. Technology

The best outsource call center for your company will have leading technology that meets your multichannel campaign parameters to optimize efficiencies and reduce costs. Ask the company if they have technologies like interactive voice response (IVR), email support, live chat capabilities, social media services, TCPA compliant predictive dialers and real-time reporting dashboards.

3. Compliance/Certifications

Depending on your industry, you may need to follow certain laws perfectly, and your call center is no different. Be sure to check if the outsource call center has your required certifications. You may also want to ask if they are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), HIPAA or IS0900.

4. Company Culture

Matching cultures is essential when starting an important strategic partnership. Do your due diligence and ask how long the call center has been in business and determine if it is financially stable. Talk with them and interview their references to find out how they treat their employees and if their culture fits with your culture.

5. Capacity

When you are seeking an outsource call center to handle the overflow or seasonal call volume you can’t manage in-house, it is critical that the partner you choose has the capacity and flexibility to meet your call volume requirements regardless of the time of year.

6. Performance/Quality Metrics

Evaluate the practices the outsource call center uses to maximize performance to exceed your key performance indicators (KPI’s). Analyze their ratios of management to call center agents such as trainers, Team Supervisors and quality monitoring management.  Ask them what they do to drive performance, such as incentives, and motivational practices to ensure they can exceed client goals.

If you’re interested in outsourcing with a call center, we can help at no charge!

Outsource Consultants are call center experts with over 25 years of outsourcing industry experience that have spent thousands of hours vetting and analyzing the strengths and specializations of the industry-leading outsource call center vendors. If you’re considering call center outsourcing, simply call 888-766-4482 or request a free call center cost proposal today and we’ll help you find the solution that best fits your exact requirements.