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5 Steps to Bring Customer Experience Into Your Company’s Culture

Customer experience teams have a very important job to do in order to provide customers with high quality customer experience; they need to change the entire company culture. It’s a daunting task for sure, but if you can instill a customer-centric mindset in the culture of the entire company, the customer will receive the desired experience. In her recent article, Nancy Porte offers the following five steps for customer experience teams to bring real cultural change within their companies.

1) Get your facts straight: Before making any major decisions or plans, you must first gather as much data as possible regarding your customers. This can be accomplished through customer surveys, focus groups, and interviews. While having data isn’t enough to base your entire customer experience program, it’s very helpful information to have to support concepts throughout the rest of your planning stages. 

2) Use analytics to determine what customers want and expect: Understanding your collected data will help you discover the values and needs of your customers and also to determine their expectations of your company. From this insight, companies can piece together what the basics of their customer experience program will be and what elements need to be engrained in the company culture. Porte says that a driver analysis can be quite helpful to determine which elements of the customer experience were most important to focus on improving and prioritizing.

3) Identify and articulate the guiding principles that will enable you to fully address customers’ expectations: After gathering all the customer data and developing insights and core concepts on customer expectations, Porte says you must take all of this information and use it to work with your company executives to develop guiding principles for your company culture. Whatever these principles become, the important thing is to ensure they are direct and clearly understandable.

4) Use your guiding principles to transform expectations into behaviors: One of the most important factors to a successful customer experience program is employee engagement at every level of the company. If your guiding principles are built into how your company operates, your program will be more likely to yield the best behaviors for customer experience. This can be accomplished by holding employee workshops to introduce the guiding principles and give them the opportunity to help develop them further. 

5) Partner with HR to transform CX-inspired behaviors into official processes and practices: In order to ensure that the employee workshops don’t go to waste, it’s critical to partner with the HR department in order to reward employees going forward for positively using the new guiding principles and by deterring negative behaviors that go against the guiding principles.

Every company has its own environment and circumstances and every company differs in some way, but Porte’s steps can still be utilized no matter how your company currently operates. If customer experience is implemented across the entire company on every level and engrained in the culture as whole, your customers will ultimately receive better service and experiences. 

This blog post was based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Cultural Change: 5 Ways to Empower Employees with Customer Insights – Nancy Porte

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