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3 Ways Marketers Can Add Value To Customer Communication And Engagement

A recent article by Ernan Roman discusses that customers want more than communication and engagement from companies; they want personalization. Specifically, Roman points out that customers want to be engaged at seven specific points in the customer journey including the point of purchase, onboarding, cross selling, and more. But in order to successfully deliver relevant and valuable engagement to customers as opposed to the more traditional communications approaches. Roman’s article offers the following three ways marketers can add value to customer communication and engagement.

1) Become Part of the Consumers’ Lifestyle

It’s not enough to just tell customers that you’re the right brand for them. If a brand wants people to truly believe that a brand fits in with their lifestyle and culture, they have to be present in every day moments and not simply when there is an opportunity to make the most money.

2) Understand How to Win Back Trust

Instead of going after every customer the company loses by simply sending them offers, it’s best to determine which customers are most likely to come back to your company and communicate specifically to them. Roman’s article gives insight into how companies can tell if a customer is likely to come back, including leaving for price rather than poor service, customers who never complained, and customers whose complaints were fully resolved.

3) Use Value Added and Emotional Engagement to Strengthen Connections

Obviously, at the core of every company is the need to sell a product or service. It’s a business, after all. However, when a company’s only goal of every customer interaction is to get more money, they’re missing out on an opportunity to make a real connection with their customers. Roman’s article gives an example of a company that created a new store that was more focused on providing an immersive experience for the customer to build a strong relationship with the company. The customers actually have fun and enjoy spending time at the store, so they’re more likely to have loyalty towards that company. It’s always important that a brand is generating revenue, but customers know the difference between a company actually taking an interest in their journey and a company who is only interacting with them to get sales.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

How You Should Engage at These 7 Points in the Customer Lifecycle – Ernan Roman

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