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3 Things Call Centers Should Avoid to Maintain Customer Loyalty

A recent article by Ryan Kh discusses how Customer Loyalty Index can be used to measure companies’ effectiveness in providing service that retains customers. After seeing loyalty scores, most companies will discover that they have much to improve to get the most loyalty from their customers. Kh says that companies need to retain customers by encouraging email newsletters, sending surveys, and offering discounts. In addition, Kh recommends taking the following action:

  • Ask the “why” questions in addition to just scale ranking questions.
  • Improve your upselling strategy

3 Things Call Centers Should Avoid to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Our company works in the outsourcing industry, but we can admit that there are bad call centers out there. The following are three ways call centers can destroy your company’s customer loyalty.

  1. Inconsistencies with marketing and sales. If the company is promoting something and the call center agents are uninformed about the promotion, you’re going to be left with one confusing mess. Make sure the call centers and marketing/sales departments are fully aligned with every promotion.
  2. Constant routing. You ever call a company and get transferred to a new agent within a few sentences of your conversation? Most people have had this experience and it can be infuriating, especially if you constantly get redirected to multiple agents within the same call. Agents should have CRM and scripting assistance available to ensure calls get resolved without the need for transfers.
  3. Long hold times. If you think customers will wait forever, think again. You have competitors who are more than willing to match your prices and services in order to gain your customers. If you have a habit of keeping your customers on hold for long (or even short) periods of time, they’ll have no problem going to your competitors if they’ll provide a better customer experience.

These three things are only a few of the ways call centers can negatively impact the customer experience. If you’re searching for a call center partner to handle your customer experience, you need to make sure you’re properly vetting them before working together. Any call center worth its salt will share their quality metrics with potential clients during the vetting process, so it’s important that you make sure their hold times, scripting, average handle times, first contact resolution, and other analytics are being met at levels required for your company’s expectations.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the following link: 3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Index – Ryan Kh

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