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2 Keys to Customer-Centric Leadership

People grow and learn throughout their entire lives, especially within their professions. This enables people to advance in their field and eventually achieve new discoveries and success. Unfortunately, there are many people in leadership positions who either refuse to learn new things or are unaware there’s anything left to learn. This will ultimately hold back the company from being successful in the future. You’re never too experienced to embrace new ideas and it can be risky to only rely on your own knowledge when trying to build momentum. In his recent article, Ian Golding discusses the significance in embracing new thoughts and ideas from others in order to become a better leader.

The idea is not to try and incorporate as much of others’ ideas as possible, but rather, utilize the ideas and insights that connect with you emotionally. These “ah-HA!” moments can build up your momentum and help lead you to organizational breakthroughs. Learning new concepts and ideas from peers can help you become a better leader, but a big challenge for many leaders is giving control to others. People in leadership positions have a lot of pressure to be successful for the company and it can be easy to fall into the habit of ignoring ideas and advice from others when you feel you need to be making all of the crucial decisions. Since giving control to others within your organization is such a vital piece of building a successful business, Golding presents two things every leader needs in order to give control to others within a customer-centric organization: 

1) Technical Competence

Plain and simple, if you have technically competent people within your organization who know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, you should have no problem giving them control of the tasks. These technically competent people will know what to do to bring results that benefit the customer and shouldn’t require permission to make important decisions.

2) Organizational Clarity

If your organization doesn’t have a well-understood mission and clear goals for success, it will be impossible to successfully give control to others because employees will be challenged when they need to determine which decisions are right or wrong for the customer. Technical competence is not enough; you also need great communication skills and a clear organizational strategy. 

People in leadership positions have a lot on their plates, perhaps too much. In order to be successful in both making money for the company and serving customers with the best quality, leaders need to not only surround themselves with technically competent people, but they also need to clearly communicate the company’s goals and objectives. If a leader has these two key attributes within their organization, they’ll be able to give control to others and learn new discoveries, which will ultimately better themselves as a leader and the organization as a whole.

This blog post was based on a CustomerThink article. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Technical Competence & Organisational Clarity: The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Leadership – Ian Golding, CCXP

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