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We're Hiring Independent Consultants!

Independent Consultant Position

Join Our Team!

Are you a call center industry veteran that has deep network of call center executive colleagues? Are you looking for ways to monetize these strong relationships with ongoing residual income with a flexible position that will allow you to utilize your outsourcing industry knowledge and contacts without the rigidity of a full-time position? If so, you might be the perfect fit for our Independent Consultant position.

Outsource Consultants is a leading call center advisory firm. We specialize in matching companies with Outsource Call Centers that are a perfect fit. We’ve developed an industry-leading database of heavily vetted BPO partners, so we can quickly find outsource call center options that perfectly match your clients’ requirements.

This role allows you to work with Outsource Consultants in a new business capacity, with full support from our team. You’ll have full access to our sales and marketing materials and will collaborate with our team of call center experts to find the right outsource call center for your colleagues looking to outsource.

Our typical Independent Consultant is someone who wants to continue working, but no longer wants to be tethered to a full-time job and looking for residual income as a way to reduce their workload while still creating income.

What You Have

  • A deep understanding of the outsourcing and CX industry.
  • A deep network of contacts who handle BPO sourcing for large organizations.
  • A passion for helping companies improve their customer experience by helping thm find the perfect fit outsource call center partners.

What You’ll Get

  • Access to our industry-leading database of pre-screened BPO vendors.
  • Cutting-edge resources and processes to help you cultivate and close deals.
  • Full support from our BPO Success and Marketing teams.
  • Generous commission on closed deals.



How is this different from your Referral Partner Program?
Our Referral Partners simply provide introductions and collect commissions on closed deals. As an Independent Consultant with Outsource Consultants, you’ll act as an extension of our Sales Team. You’ll cultivate and work your own deals with the support of our internal teams, and receive a higher commission as a result.

Is this a full time or part time position?
Whatever you want! You have complete flexibility to work as much (or as little) as you want!

Will I have any quotas or minimums?
Our Independent Consultants have no minimums for opportunities, hours worked, or anything else. We provide resources and support, and you work at your own pace.


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