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Managed Operations & Seat Leasing Services

Managed Operations and Seat Leasing Services

call center employeesIf your company is looking to reduce costs but you don't want to hire an outsource call center to deliver your customer service, seat leasing services may be a good option! Call centers in nearshore and offshore locations such as the Philippines have programs that lease out their call center facilities and technology to companies who want to obtain the 70% cost-saving benefits of an outsource call center while getting the benefits of hands-on operational management. The difference between call center seat leasing and hiring a call center is that your company hires and trains and pays the employees, whereas hiring a call center means they would take care of all employee relations.

Companies can lease anywhere from one call center work station all the way up to leasing an entire office floor with hundreds of workstations. This allows a wide range of options that can suit small start-up companies who only need to serve a small customer base, large corporations that need to employ and entire call center department, and everything in between!

In addition to leasing office space and seats, In addition to leasing office space and call center seats, nearshore and offshore companies also lease staff. These employees are college-educated people capable of working in customer service, technology, marketing, and more! What makes this different from outsourcing a call center is that you provide all the training to ensure that these employees fully understand your company's culture. If you decide that you don't need the call center to provide staff, you have the option to lease simply the seat/technology and hire your own employees.

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