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Embracing Social Media in Customer Service

Embracing Social Media in Customer Service

For the consumer, dealing with customer service can be a daunting task.

Traditionally, the process involves one of a few options: calling a number and navigating automated menus before the risk of being put on hold or connecting with an unknowledgeable representative, sending an email and potentially having to wait days before a reply that can often be unclear, or scouring FAQ’s and forums for some semblance of an answer. With the introduction of live chat into many customer service paradigms the process improved, but still emanated an unnatural feel.

Businesses must keep in mind that the flow of mainstream media has shifted in the past ten years from one-way to two-way communication. Consumers expect a discourse between themselves and the businesses they’re interested in, and demand interaction that is not misleading or confusing. Five9 recently posted an article describing why customer service must embrace social media. A summary of that article is below:

Social media provides the perfect landscape for this two-way conversation, and businesses are growing increasingly aware of the potential benefits. Most public relations firms now offer services to help integrate social media into larger customer service platform, while more and more small businesses take it upon themselves to recognize its importance.

The chief improvement over traditional methods that social media offers is that the conversation can be simultaneously specific to a consumer and still available to the public. Easy access to past issues allows customers to see how to rectify a problem that is similar to one that others had, and for those without any qualms it is still apparent how seriously the company takes its commitment to helping customers.

Social media also allows for mass messages to be communicated that would have been much more arduous in the past. A business can post the solution to an issue that many people seem to be having and it will pop up on news feeds, eliminating the need for the consumer to go to the company’s website and search for an answer through older customer service channels. Social media shows no signs of letting up on its ever-increasing significance and the businesses that embrace all it has to offer immediately, on all fronts, will enjoy the strongest customer loyalty and trust down the road.

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